The Tiger Point Village Homeowners Association is Governed by the association's Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions. These Covenants were set in place to ensure that the association, in its entity, remains a beautiful and pleasant community and home for everyone in the association. When an owner purchases a property within a Homeowners Association, they are required to sign and agree that they are aware that they have purchased in a Homeowners Association and that they will adhere to all of the association's Rules & Regulations as laid out in the documents. The Board of Directors works alongside Management to ensure that these Restrictive Covenants are being cooperated with. You can find all of your association's Documents on this page! 


​Owners and Rental Agents, you are required to provide your tenants with all of these Documents and Rules & Regulations and ensuring that they are aware of all of the association's Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions and are being adhered to. As the owner (or the Representative of the owner), you are responsible for your tenants and to ensure that they are cooperating with these rules to ensure the beauty, value, aesthetics, and all around peacefulness of the Tiger Point Village Community.



To view information privy only to owners, Visit the Owner's Portal page for Board of Directors Meeting information, Board Member Roster, Meeting Minutes, make a payment online, request your account balance or change your account information, submit a violation, submit a Word Order Request, etc., click below:



To obtain the password for the owner's page, you may contact Management & confirm you ownership within the association or you may ask a Board Member. ​

Lot Maintenance & Requirements


The association prides itself on it's higher standards of living and expectations. Lot and property maintenance and control is a requirement and should be complied with, this includes the maintenance and up-keep of vacant lots within Tiger Point Village!

Below is some helpful information pertaining to the proper care and control of vacant lots:

Dumping on vacant lots is a felony!

Landscaping company will mow the first12 feet on a vacant lot

Waste management will not pick up trash or tree limbs on vacant lots

Leaves have to be bagged

Branches must be no more than 5 feet or they will not be picked up.

Visit to request a quote for residential lot maintenance and lawn care services. 


Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions


The covenants require all yards, landscaping, driveways, structures and improvements be diligently and properly maintained.

This Document is the Revived Declarations which were revived in 2016, which includes the CCR's, Articles of Incorporating, By-Laws, Amendments, etc.  

Plat Maps


The Tiger Point Village Homeowners Association consists of several different phases with several different plat maps for each different phase. 

This link will take you to the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's website which has the most up to date plat map information for the association.

Realtors & Prospective Buyers


To submit an Estoppel Request or Questionnaire for the association, click below for more information: 




If you are planning to update, alter, add, remove, or change the exterior of your property in any way, you are required to submit an Architectural Review Application to the Architectural Review Committee!


An Architectural Application Fee is due upon submitting your Architectural Application; the review process will commence upon receiving a completed application (including supporting documentation) with the accompanying fee. Please note that the application fees vary and are indicated below.


  • Fences: $25.00

  • Additions (such as sunrooms, covered patios, awnings, etc.): $50.00

  • New Construction: $100.00


You may make this payment payable to

Tiger Point Village Homeowners Association

c/o Etheridge Property Management.

Check or Money Order to:

Hand Delivery to one of the Board of Directors


Etheridge Property Management

908 Gardengate Circle

Pensacola, FL 32504


To submit an Architectural Application for the association, please fill out the submission form on this page and submit drawings or a plot plan of your property indicating the following:



  1. Clear, concise written description of modification requested​

  2. Site plan written on current lot survey that includes: (New survey not required)​

    1. Location of improvements with measurements from house and lot borders

    2. Previous improvements

    3. Proposed clearing and landscaping

    4. Elevations of all proposed improvements (Height, Width, Length, Depth as applicable

  3. The construction plans and specifications​

  4. Other items required by the Architectural Review Committee:

    1. Photo, brochure or sketch

    2. Material list including all exterior colors (Paint, stain, shingles, etc.)

    3. Description of all materials being utilized


By completing this form, I understand that ARC approval of my modification does not mean that the ARC approves any encroachments, violations or waives any and all local municipal, county, or state government requirements for this modification. I understand that I must ensure full compliance with the Covenants and By-Laws of Tiger Point Village and I further agree to an inspection by the ARC, If the ARC deems necessary, before, during or after modification to insure compliance with the Covenants & Restrictions. All construction must commence within 120 days of the final Architectural Committee Approval. If construction has not commenced within the 120 days such approval could be deemed withdrawn. All work shall be completed within 180 days of final Architectural Committee Approval unless otherwise approved by the ARC.


***Please understand that the Architectural Committee is allowed 30 days to respond to all requests. Therefore, please keep this in mind when awaiting on approval for any requests submitted. Once the Architectural Review Committee receives and reviews your project and determination is made, we will forward it along to you. WE THANK YOU, IN ADVANCE, FOR YOUR PATIENCE IN THIS MATTER***